Autumn 2014

Table of Contents

• Editor's Note
• Reforming or Not Reforming: Does the New Law Really Change Sub-Contractor Relationships?
• Bankruptcy Proceedings: Recent Developments
• Natural Gas Storage Facilities and Exemption System
• Unlicensed Electricity Generation: New System for Use of Renewable Energy Resources
• New Status of Borsa Istanbul After Being Converted to a Joint Stock Corporation
• Pension Funds: The Road to a Pleasant Retirement
• Provision of Security by Publicly Listed Companies under the New Communiqué on Corporate Governance
• Trademark Squatting: Why Registration of Your Trademark in Turkey Matters
• The Recent Court of Appeals? Decision Dated May 2014 States: No Extra Charge for Power Plants for Using Sea   Water as Cooling Water
• Key Issues in Tax Litigation Procedures in Turkey
• New Regulation on Environmental Permit and License