Winter/Spring 2020 Newsletter

We are happy to present you with our first newsletter of 2020, which was to a great extent finalized  before the unfortunate spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During these unprecedented times in which our country as well as the entire World must deal with the severe consequences of this pandemic, our goal is to assist our Clients with their legal needs specific to the consequences of COVID-19 while also maintaining our high quality service for any other legal needs they may have. In addition to daily legal updates on our website dedicated to COVID-19 related legal topics, in this issue, we also feature an article guiding members of boards of directors during their decision and strategy making processes to deal with the rapidly changing effects and consequences of COVID-19.

This recent issue also reflects a balanced composition of articles touching upon the legal aspects of some of the most important technological developments in recent years such as the use of drones and the emergence of smart contracts in the era of blockchain technology. This issue also covers rather technical topics as reflected in our article offering a thorough analysis of the challenging aspects of international territorial disputes in terms of natural gas exploration activities.

Our series covering Islamic financial instruments continues with an article offering an introduction to the concept of “hedging” under Islamic law governed finance transactions. In terms of infrastructure investments in the age of the growing funding gap, our project finance team explores the concept of project bonds for financing infrastructure investments, following our article in the previous edition of our newsletter discussing the use of sukuk to reduce the ever-growing funding gap for much-needed infrastructural developments.

Following our article on the legal troubles that CEOs may face when using their personal social media accounts in a manner  that circumvents capital markets disclosure requirements, this time we take a look at the use of “covert advertising” on social media platforms, which may also prompt legal issues if not used in compliance with the applicable advertising legislation.

Our real estate team presents a guide-like article that walks readers through the process of acquiring Turkish citizenship via investment, while the fairly recent UN Treaty, the Singapore Convention on Mediation, is analyzed by our arbitration team. Our competition law team contributes to our latest issue with an article on the utilization of “leniency” in breaches of competition law, which requires a careful examination of the Turkish Competition Board’s precedents.

We hope that you enjoy the latest issue of our newsletter and that we will soon, all together, enjoy healthier days.

The Content of our Winter/Spring 2020 issue:

  • Featured article: The Duties of Boards of Directors and Board Members in view of the COVID-19 Threat
  • The Salient Legal Aspects of Natural Gas Exploration Disputes in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Legal Regime Applicable to Offshore Pipeline Projects
  • Investment of a lifetime: Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate Investment
  • Covert Advertising by Social Media and Its Legal Aspects
  •  Project Bonds for Infrastructure Investments
  • Introduction to Hedging Under Islamic Finance
  • Leniency in Turkish Competition Law
  • Real Estate Investment Funds (REIF): An Appealing New Investment Vehicle
  • Arbitration in the Era of Smart Contracts
  • Regulatory Challenges with Regard to Drones Used for Both Recreational and Commercial Purposes
  • A new UN Treaty: The Singapore Convention on Mediation
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