Winter 2011 Newsletter

Bültenimizin bu sayısında aşağıdaki makaleler yer almaktadır. Makalelerin sadece İngilizce olarak yazılmış olmaları sebebiyle orijinallikleri bozulmadan sunulmuştur:

  • Winds of Change
  • Group of Companies and Prohibition of Abuse of Dominance under the New Turkish Commercial Code
  • Share Buybacks under the New Turkish Commercial Code
  • Overview of the New Code: Spin-Off Transaction and Liability of the Parties in these Transactions
  • Board of Directors? Liability in Crimes of Smuggling
  • The Concept of Affected Markets: Misconceptions and Complications
  • The New Code of Obligations: An Overview
  • Suretyship under the New Turkish Code of Obligations: ?Just Sign Here!?
  • United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG)
  • The New Method of Alternative Dispute Resolution: Are We Ready to Mediate?
  • Turkish Railway Sector, Quiet but not Quiescent
  • Recent Developments in the Turkish Renewable Energy Market
  • Cross-Border Energy Trading Legislation further Liberalized
  • A New Era in Radio and Television Broadcasting
  • Cultural Asset or Natural Asset? This is the Question
  • Financial Assistance becoming more Cumbersome under Turkish Law
  • Cape Town Convention Finally Sees its Way to Turkey