Summer/Fall 2018 Newsletter

The content of our Summer/Fall 2018 issue:

  • Editor’s Introductory Note
  • The One Belt One Road Initiative – Connecting China to the Rest of the World: Is Turkey`s Railway Sector Ready for It?
  • EU`s General Data Protection Legislation: Should Turkish Entities Be Concerned?
  • New Opportunity to Legalize Illegal Construction: Zoning Forbearance
  • The Party Funding in International Arbitration: Where Dispute Resolution Meets the Lending Business
  • New Foreign Exchange Restrictions in Turkey: Why and How?
  • Safeguard Measures and Steel Production: Turkey and Beyond
  • Related Party Transactions: As Dangerous as It Sounds?
  • Mediation in Labor Lawsuits: A Mandatory Pretrial Process to Minimize the Workload of the Labor Courts and Expedite the Settlement of Labor Disputes
  • Criminal Law and Arbitration: Can They Co-Exist?
  • Data Protection Code: Who is the Liable Party?

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