Summer/Fall 2021 Newsletter

We are happy to be back with the latest Summer/Fall 2021 edition of our newsletter. This issue presents nine articles that touch upon some of the most material legal developments and legislative changes that are expected to substantially impact the legal landscape in the year ahead.

In our opening article, our energy team provided an overview of the recent legislative developments in the Turkish renewable energy sector and discuss the new incentive mechanisms. In terms of the other categories of infrastructure investments, which were heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, our project finance team shared their views on the future of public-privatepartnerships in the post-pandemic era.

Our capital markets team`s article on the expected changes in the mandatory tender rules of the Capital Markets Board for a more efficient, ethical, and simplified tender offer process in publicly held companies analyzed the key provisions of the draft communiqué published by the board, which very recently entered into force after the finalization of our newsletter. Our banking and finance team discussed the post-LIBOR world and the implications the phase-out of this long-standing reference interest rate might have on financing agreements in Turkey and abroad.

Our IP team also contributed to our latest issue with two interesting articles that touch upon highly contemporary topics. One concerns the authorship discussion related to the use of the deepfake technology while the other takes a close look at the EU regulations concerning geo-blocking, which may often frustrate us as consumers by preventing access to some of our favorite shows.
There are also two arbitration focused articles in our latest issue.

One introduced our readers to the fairly new concept of “third party funding” under the ICC Arbitration Rules while the other one reviewed the recent precedents set by the Court of Appeals on the mandatory use of the Turkish language in arbitration agreements.

We hope you will enjoy the latest issue of our newsletter as much as we enjoyed preparing and delivering it to you.

The Content of our Summer/Fall 2021 issue:

  • Recent Developments in the Renewable Energy Market
  • Fasten Your Seat Belt for a More Straightforward Mandatory Tender Offer Process
  • The Role of the Competition Board in Competition Law Infringement Cases
  • Post-LIBOR: Contractual Interest Rates under Loan Agreements
  • The Future of Public-Private Partnerships in a Post-Pandemic World
  • Authorship in Deepfake Movies
  • This Content is Not Available from Your Country
  • Application of Law No. 805 on Arbitration Agreements
  • An Overview of Third-Party Funding in the 2021 ICC Arbitration Rules