Summer 2019 Newsletter

As the summer heat leisurely approaches our city, we are pleased to present you with the Summer 2019 edition of our newsletter. In celebration of our 30th anniversary, we are proud to look back on our uninterrupted dedication to the publication of our newsletter.

 We view this commitment as a reflection of our practicing principles where we focus on adopting practical approaches to our clients’ legal needs without undermining the value of the theoretical knowledge. Our recent issue includes articles guiding you through your practical needs in light of recent legal developments in the Turkish market as well as delving into topics closely linked to legal theory.

In line with global trends, data protection has undoubtedly been one of the most emerging legal topics over the last few years, and even more so in the Turkish market where the practice is still evolving. One of our articles offers a road map to help data processors facilititate compliance with the registration requirements of the Turkish Data Protection Authority.

There have been some exciting developments in the field of alternative means of financing over the last few months and this issue adresses both new developments in the field of asset backed securities as well as the newly developing crowfunding legislation. We also take a look at another creative financing method  specifically designed for aircraft financing, recently put to use by Turkish Airlines – insurance backed aircraft financing.

One of the most significant changes seen in dispute resolution over the past few years was the introduction of the mediation legislation that mandates mediation for certain disputes. As a sequel to our Summer/Fall 2018 issue where we discussed  mandatory mediation in employment lawsuits, we now take a look at the mandatory use of mediation in commercial disputes. In terms of alternative dispute resolution methods, our arbitration team takes a closer look at the well-known “public policy” concept and discusses the differences between international and domestic policies and their potential effect on the enforcement proceedings.

The concept of conflict of interest as it relates to board members is also explored as the concept is very well known yet often under- appeciated. Our competition team provides a comparative study of keyword agreements in the online advertising world, which is currently under the radar of the competition authorities. Finally, the unpleasant but often necessary remedy of mass lay-offs that becomes more relevant than ever during periods of economic hardships is adressed in this issue with some tips on how to best handle the process.

We hope that you enjoy latest issue of our newsletter.

The Content of our Summer 2019 issue:

  • A Procrastinator’s Guide to Data Controller Registration in Turkish Data Protection Law
  • New Business Opportunities Available for Foreign Exchange Companies under New Legislation
  • Mandatory Mediation in Commercial Disputes
  • Restrictions on the Use of Search Engine Keywords from a Competition Law Perspective: History, Recent Developments, and Further Analysis
  • The Inevitable Consequence of Economic Depression: Mass Lay-Offs
  • An Innovative Solution for Securing Aircraft Financing: Insurance-Backed Financing Models
  • An Important but Overlooked Rule: Board Members and Conflicts of Interest
  • Crowdfunding in Turkey – Does the Communiqué Draft Address the Needs of the Market?
  • The CMB’s Recent Move Towards Sophistication in Securitization: Asset-Backed Securities Backed by Mortgage-Covered Bonds
  • International vs. Domestic Public Policy in International Arbitration: Where Does It Begin, Where Does It End?
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