Spring 2021 Newsletter

We are happy to be back with the Spring 2021 issue of our newsletter. In our latest issue, we focus on the post-pandemic era, which will hopefully come sooner than later.

One of our articles concerns the recent developments in the Turkish electromobility legislation and provides an overview of the steps taken for a more environmentally friendly future for transportation. We have also begun a new series focused on the tourism sector, one of the sectors that was most heavily impacted by the pandemic, to discuss whether the public-private partnership model used for the delivery of various forms of infrastructure can be instrumental in the rebuilding and revival of one of the most crucial sectors of our society in a more sustainable
and resilient manner.

Our compliance team contributed to our latest issue with their article offering guidance in terms of internal compliance investigations by approaching the issue from the perspective of a fairly recent Constitutional Court decision and the data protection legislation.

This time, our team who introduced us to the regulations across various jurisdictions concerning cryptocurrencies in the Summer/Fall 2020 issue of our newsletter has contributed an article discussing initial coin offerings, which are increasingly growing in popularity with numerous offerings having also taken place in Turkey. Another technology related article was contributed by our dispute resolution team who discussed the highly popular topic of the use of artificial intelligence in arbitration proceedings. Our Banking and Finance team revisited the Financial Restructuring
Programme put in place in 2018, covered in our earlier issues, by providing a summary of the recent amendments and developments. These are just some of the topics covered in our articles, and we hope you enjoy in the latest issue of our Newsletter.

The Content of our Spring 2021 issue:

  • Data Protection and Labor Law Compliance for Internal Investigations
  • Bancassurance: A Guide from a Turkish Law Perspective
  • Electromobility Legislation in Turkey
  • The Public Private Partnership Model Making Its Way Up to Mount Everest
  • The Turkish Revenue Administration Has Started Automatic Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes
  • A Lifeline at Trying Times: The Revamped Financial Restructuring Program
  • Artificial Intelligence in Arbitration- Current Uses and the Turkish Law Approach
  • Initial Coin Offerings: A Comparative Analysis
  • Arbitration Clauses Incorporated by Reference: An Overview of the Turkish Approach
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