Spring 2014 Newsletter

The content of our Spring 2014 issue:

  • Trends in The Turkish Legal Market: An Outlook
  • An Overview of the Brand New Era in Capital Markets Legislation
  • New Tender Offer Rules Introduced by CMB
  • A Current and Ceaseless Debate: Right to Private Life Versus Freedom of the Press Criteria for Lawful Reporting Under Turkish Law
  • Islamic Finance in Turkey: Some Practical Considerations
  • “Yes, But Not Enough” – Despite Tax Exemptions Financial Leasing Companies Are Still Prejudiced!
  • A New Means For Funding Real Estate Projects Beyond Conventional Methods ? Real Estate Investment Funds
  • Security Packages in HEPPs
  • 2014 Overview of Turkish Oil and Natural Gas Legislation
  • Sophisticated Yet Highly Debated: Turkey`s Move to Nuclear Energy

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