Fall 2019 Newsletter

We are once again happy to present you with the newest issue  of our newsletter that we have proudly been producing for three decades. The summer heat has finally faded and the colors of fall have begun to fill the streets on this meaningful year that we celebrate our firm’s 30th anniversary.

In this issue, you will find a number of articles, some of which are part of ongoing series that began in our earlier issues and a few that are entirely new topics concerning recent developments in the law. Our M&A team introduces you to the fairly new concept of warranty & indemnity insurance, which hopes to speed up M&A transactions and catalyze the likelihood of closing these deals.

As part of our mediation series, which began with our article on mediation in labor disputes in the Summer/Fall 2018 issue and continued in our Summer 2019 issue with an introductory article to mediation in commercial disputes, our litigation team takes a closer look at mandatory mediation and its application in commercial disputes by underlining the issues faced in the implementation phase.

2019 has been a very busy year for the energy industry. Our team provides a detailed summary of the year’s highlights with a focus on the legislative changes in the renewable energy sector which hope to re-kindle investor interest. Another investor friendly development concerns the introduction of new specialized investment zones, an issue discussed in detail by our real estate  team.

Our project finance team dives into the hot topic of alternative financing for projects in the infrastructure sector and delves into the mechanics of sukuk financing while our banking and finance team highlights some of the contemporary issues faced in connection with the security interests linked to loans under general loan agreements and the importance of implementing a proper monitoring processes to avoid un-secured loans.

One of the most deliberated legislative moves taken in the past few months was the introduction of new regulations attempting to gain greater control over online streaming providers’ content. Our article on the topic takes a comparative look at the new regulation and the European Union’s legislation. Our intellectual  property team reviewed the recently introduced authorization requirements concerning online news aggregators, which has led to some interesting controversies in the market.  As part of the series focusing on artificial intelligence and its legal implications, in this issue we take a closer look at the concept of criminal liability concerning artificially intelligent agents, a topic that we briefly touched upon in our article concerning self-driving vehicles published in our Winter-Spring 2019 issue. The initiatives taken by the maritime shipping financing industry in order to minimize the adverse impact the industry has on the climate is also explored.

We hope that you enjoy the latest issue of our newsletter.

The Content of our Fall 2019 issue:

  • A New Front Line in the Content Wars: Turkey
  • Recent Developments in the Renewable Energy Sector
  • Mobilizing Sukuk in Project Financing
  • Does the Rising Star “Mandatory Mediation” Pave the Way for Unknowns and Ambiguity in the Resolution of Commercial Disputes?
  • Warranty & Indemnity Insurance to Optimize Risk Allocation
  • Special Investment Zones and Appealing Subsidies
  • Practical Issues regarding Surety Transactions in Turkish Banking Practice
  • Maritime Financing Going Green: The Poseidon Principles and Beyond
  • Artificially Intelligent Agents and Criminal Liability
  • New Authorization Regime regarding the Use of Online News Content by News Aggregators
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