Autumn 2012 Newsletter

The content of our Autumn 2012 issue:

  • Year of The Dragon
  • Moving to Harmonization: The Recent Enactment of The Turkish Civil Procedural Code Brings Domestic Arbitration Into Line With International Arbitration
  • Recent Developments Regarding Duties in Turkey
  • Unfair Competition Under The New Turkish Commercial Code
  • Change in Turkey?s Domain Name System:
  • Registration Through Trabis and Resolution of Domain Name Disputes Through Arbitration
  • Minority Rights Under The New Turkish Commercial Code
  • Turkey Sino Business Opportunities and Legal Environment
  • Capital Markets Board?s New Resolutions Regarding Corporate Governance Rules
  • Anti-Dumping Taxes in The Turkish Customs Legislation and Legal Remedies Against Them
  • Check Holder Beware: Recent Amendments to The Law On Checks
  • Broadcasting Legislation
  • The Biggest Construction Site on Earth: Turkey
  • What To Expect From The Urban Regeneration Law
  • Ambush Marketing?: A Marketing Practice That Catches Legislators Off Guard.
  • Liquidated Damages Under EPC Contracts – Procrastinators Out!
  • The New Draft Electricity Market Law
  • Board Structure and Liability Concept Under The Revolutionary New Commercial Code

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