Infrastructure & Project Finance

Our team has for the last two and half decades been involved in all types of infrastructure investments including, energy, transportation, water, waste management, communication as well as social infrastructure such as healthcare facilities.

In today’s legal environment in Turkey, home to multiple legal frameworks governing infrastructure investments, our experience with every model continuously proves to be an invaluable asset for any infrastructure project regardless of the model it is based on. Public-private partnerships (“PPP”) bring together private parties and governmental entities and are based on a distinct set of legal rules, each model having its own particularities. The licensing regime on the other hand, dominating the energy and communication infrastructure sectors, requires extensive knowledge of the regulatory sectoral rules whereas mega-projects such as nuclear power plants require an understanding of the intra-governmental contracts. Our experience in all types of infrastructure projects in Turkey and our involvement expanding more than two decades not only allow us to understand each legal framework, but also allows us to be considered among the pioneers in Turkey contributing to the development of this legal framework.

With our multi-disciplinary practice, we successfully guide you through all phases of infrastructure projects: tender/licensing phase, contract phase, financing, construction, operation, and dispute resolution phases.

Our team has unique insight into and understanding of the expectations and priorities of all parties involved in infrastructure projects because for the last two and a half decades we have represented every possible party to a project including financiers, governmental bodies, as well as the sponsors. This unique level of experience has proved to be instrumental in bringing legal solutions to satisfy the priorities of all parties of an infrastructure project while also reaching the project milestones in the most time efficient manner.