Immigration & Citizenship via Investment

Our citizenship acquisition team represents foreign individuals throughout the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship with our unique understanding and deep knowledge of the requirements and procedures necessary to become a citizen.

We provide high-quality immigration services in addition to our leading expertise in real estate transactions. With regard to obtaining citizenship through the purchase of real property, our citizenship acquisition team handles all of the procedures from inception to completion, including but not limited to: introducing Clients to the relevant market players (such as reliable developers and valuation companies if required by the client); property due diligence and acquisitions; filing, monitoring, and finalizing citizenship applications; opening bank accounts; obtaining tax numbers; applying for and finalizing Turkish identity cards and passports, etc. Together with the exceptional guidance of our real-estate team, our firm provides multi-disciplinary services as a pioneer in both fields and assists foreign clients through every stage of the process.

We closely follow the entire process, working together with seamless cooperation to quickly and effectively manage every step of the citizenship process. Our firm has a broad client sphere spanning from Central Europe to the Far East.