Thank you for your interest in our Firm. The application period for 2022 summer associates and legal interns has now ended.

Why work with us?

Our firm has enabled countless students, graduates, associates, and business professionals to become a part of a competitive work environment within which loyalty, trust, and quality play lead a role. In our firm, learning is limitless. Despite our competitive environment, we have proudly been able to maintain a collegial atmosphere within which our professional relationships are established through mutual respect. This has also played a role with the endless opportunities within our firm. From disputes to M&A transactions, our employees are constantly exposed to different areas of law and are able to further their education in their desired areas by working alongside highly respected and experienced lawyers who have mastered their practice area. This cycle of exposure allows young lawyers to determine what they are most interested in and pin point within which practice area they wish to build their careers.

We contribute to your education

At Hergüner Bilgen Özeke, more than two-thirds of our approximately 100 lawyers have been internationally educated and trained, and with loyalty being a huge part of our firm’s culture, more than one-third have been with the firm for 8 years or more. Our firm’s international reputation presents a huge opportunity for prospective graduates, associates, and business professionals. Not only will they have the chance to work on projects involving international clients, but they will also likely have the chance to attend an Ivy League caliber school abroad to further advance their education and broaden their international knowledge and experience. As for those who join with an international background, they will see the firm as an opportunity to work around open and globally-minded individuals with similar international experiences, in addition to working with international clients who will provide further insight on international businesses.

Path from internship to partnership

We are proud to have a large team consisting of the highest level of professionals. The quality of our staff has made us the only firm of its international caliber that has organically grown more than 85% of its partners. The training, experience, and network found in from our firm have allowed our staff to become leaders within their area of practice and have given them the confidence to take on any and every challenge without hesitation.