Our Partners

With our 17 partners, we strive to combine the power of experience with the energy of the younger generation.

Our team is composed of approximately 140 individuals with a variety of educational and professional backgrounds. Our 80-member legal team, 17 of whom are Hergüner partners, are involved in cases that require a full grasp of Turkish law and cross-border jurisdictions, as well as different cultures and languages. Our administrative team provides support in business affairs, knowledge management, IT, human resources, and finance fields.

Ümit Hergüner

Ayşe Hergüner Bilgen

Tolga Danışman

Senem Denktaş

Kayra Üçer

Aslı Budak

Serkan Gül

Piraye Kuranel Başol

Yeşim Api Şamlı

Ufuk Yalçın

Nazım Olcay Kurt

Mustafa Mert Oğuzülgen

Deniz Tuncel

İsmet Bozoğlu

Sinem Tuğçe Aras

Zeynep Tor

Şule Uluç