We are known as the firm who brought the concept of full service law firm to Turkey.

Since 1989, we have strived to reshape the Turkish law firm model in harmony with modern standards of professional practice while still preserving the personal attention that our clients have come to expect. Our pioneering efforts have allowed our firm to be rightfully recognized as the first “Full Service Law Firm” in Turkey. 

Full service independent law firm

Throughout our history, we have chosen to remain independent of global coalitions. This has given us the flexibility to adopt the best global practices and apply them to the necessities arising in local practice. We independently built the foundation for the modern Turkish legal practice models and are proud of where our determination has taken us. Nonetheless, we recognize that client’s needs evolve and our innovation continues to improve the services that can be offered. We have never rested on our laurels, and we will continue to work just as hard to remain ahead of the curve.

Our size and expertise make us one of the few truly full-service independent Turkish law firms with a global reach, either at home in the role of primary counsel or as local counsel for our foreign and domestic clients. Our firm’s expertise and institutional knowledge enables us to go beyond simple lawyering and develop creative business-oriented solutions according to client needs. We accomplish this by putting clients first and becoming intimately acquainted with all aspects of their business and legal needs.

A large team with unprecedented experience

We take full advantage of our size: every project is handled by a unique project team composed of attorneys with the precise area of expertise and level of experience that the task requires. Our project teams are led by an exceptional corps of partners, each with decades of experience managing landmark projects in every practice area. Each new project calls for a different team composition which allows our attorneys to absorb more institutional knowledge and create ever-increasing synergies throughout project lifecycles and across practice areas. Our experience in international transactions allows us to assist clients expanding into other markets by collaborating closely with local counsel in developing economies throughout the MENA region.

Known for innovation

The firm’s reputation for innovation goes back almost three decades, having drafted many first-of-its-kind agreements in cross-border transactions that continue to be used as model agreements in the market today. Our output continues to set industry standards, as our attorneys combine their experience in global transactions and international education with their strong base in Turkish law to generate unique client solutions.

Understanding your business

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, decision makers need two things to be successful: trust in relationships and insightful advice at work. Understanding and meeting the expectations of business leaders requires rethinking how legal advice should be provided. We believe our expertise is meaningful to the extent that it helps you achieve your business objectives. This is why our ambition is to go beyond delivering technical answers to legal inquiries. We strive to understand your business in its entirety and provide solutions for your success.