Inclusiveness is a core value of our firm.

Inclusiveness is a core value of our firm, and our attorneys appreciate the unique qualities that make up each and every individual. We are proud to have a diverse team consisting of partners, associates, and support staff, who not only enrich our workplace in terms of creativity and innovation, but who also allow us to draw upon a wide range of backgrounds in order to better serve our equally as diverse clientele with empathy, sensitivity, and understanding.

Equal Opportunities

With respect to recruitment and hiring, the strength of the firm has always been rooted in an unwavering commitment to providing equal opportunities for the brightest individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, or national origin. This policy has allowed us to assemble not only one of the most diverse, but also one of the most highly qualified legal teams in the Turkish market.

Gender Equality

We have always been a champion of gender equality in the workplace, applying the highest ethical standards to ensure a safe and welcoming work environment. Our firm culture ensures that the many opportunities for increased responsibility and promotion are open to everyone regardless of gender. Currently, women account for over half of our employees, including 6 of 15 partners, 32 of 45 associates, 10 of 14 legal trainees, and 23 of 39 administrative staff. This level of diversity allows us to provide unparalleled mentoring and training to the next generation of Turkey’s female leaders.

Globally Educated

Educational diversity has been a foundation upon which our firm has built its international reputation. For international lawyers, nothing can equal education abroad for developing the necessary skills to assist foreign clients in Turkey and Turkish clients abroad. We are proud to say that our lawyers have been educated all over the world, including leading universities in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and France.