Summer 2016

      Table of Contents

  • Editor's Introductory Note
  • Special Editorial: State of Emergency Following the Failed Coup 
  • Brief Overview of the Omnibus Investment Act of 2016
  • Takaful Alaturka: Participation Insurance Offers Innovative Islamic Finance Products
  • The Contingent Share Capital Increase System: Protecting Investors Through The Use of Convertible Bonds and Similar Debt Instruments 
  • Regret Filing: How to Use Voluntary Disclosure of Unpaid Taxes to Avoid Penalties 
  • The Omnibus Investment Act Takes on the Bankruptcy Law 
  • ICSID Arbitration and Turkey: Encouraging and Protecting Cross-Border Investment 
  • Real Estate Investment Funds: Appealing New Investment Vehicles 
  • Turkey Charts a Course to Become a Regional Maritime Hub 
  • Recent Legistlative Developments in Industrial Waste Management 
  • Unmanned Air Vehicles Raise Privacy Concerns
  • Recent Legistlation to Upgrade Turkey's Production to Industry 4.0
  • Crowdfunding: Turkey's Next-gen Phenomenon 
  • Recent Developments in Turkish Data Protection Law
  • Recent Changes to the Rights of Women to Keep their Surnames