Spring 2011

Table of Contents
• Turkey’s Expanding Legal Horizon
• Squeezing Out Minority Shareholders Under the New Turkish Commercial Code
• Liabilities of Board Members Under the New Turkish Commercial Code
• More Protection for the Weak Against Standardized Contract Terms
• The Licensing Regime Under the New Broadcasting Law
• Termination of Lease Agreements Under the New Code of Obligations
• The Impact of the New Turkish Commercial Code’s Multi-corporate Enterprise Concept on Securities Provided by   Subsidiaries
• Are You Qualified? Healthcare PPP Projects are Within Reach
• Amendments to the Communiqué On Mergers and Acquisitions Calling for Competition Board Authorization
• Saying Goodbye to Nuclear Power? We Don’t Think So!
• Preliminary Examination in Procedural Law: Will the New Code Speed Up Lawsuits?
• The Draft Guidelines on Commitments to Remedy Competition Authority Concerns