Autumn 2010

Table of Contents
• 2010: A Turning Point for Turkey?
• Marked Improvements: The New Law on Public-Private Partnerships
• Highway Investment and Privatization are Moving Down the Road
• Developments in Anti-Money Laundering Legislation
• Snapshot: The Regulatory Framework of Turkey’s Oil & Gas Industries
• The Promise of Renewables: New Diversity in Turkey’s Energy Sector
• Another Fill-in-the-Gap Exercise for Turkish Mining Legislation
• The Government’s Attempt to Overcome its Own Bureaucracy: The New Regulation on Foreign Capital Companies   Acquiring Real Property and Rights in Rem
• The New Law on Property Expropriation
• Principal Amount vs. Maximum Amount Mortgage: A Comparison
• Competition Law: The Mey/Burgaz Decision
• The “Full-Time Law” in The Turkish Healthcare Sector
• Insurance Activities of Banks Under the Draft Communiqué on Insurance Agents
• Amendments to the Draft Broadcasting Law
• Mediation: Anticipating ADR in Turkey
• Port Operation in Turkey: An Overview of Applicable Legislation
• Incoterms 2010: An Overview