Hergüner Hosts Private-Public Partnership Training

The Prive-Public Partnership (PPP) Training was presented by The International Law Institute, in collaboration with the Istanbul International Law Association (ILI-Istanbul) and hosted by Herguner Bilgen Ozeke Attorney Partnership in Levent, Istanbul office on June 24-26, 2015. Participants received a professional ILI training Course Certificate at the end of the training program after having completed full course participation. 

Three professional legal experts executed training speeches. The first speaker was Charles Abernathy, who is currently a professorial lecturer in Law at George Washington University Law School, where he teaches atomic energy law, and PPPs in the nuclear sector. Mr. Abernathy gave an overview about PPPs. The second speaker was Don S. De Amicis, who is also professorial lecturer in Law at George Washington University Law. Professor De Amicis is currently teaching courses at Georgetown, Leiden University and the International Law Institute. Professor De Amicis gave his speeches on the financial structure and status of PPPs. The third speaker was Senem İşmen, Hergüner Bilgen Özeke partner. She specializes in all aspects of PPPs and is currently advising lenders or sponsors in 7 different Healthcare PPP projects. Ms. İşmen gave a presentation about the legal aspect on the issue.