Finance & Projects

Energy & Project Finance

In the area of energy and project finance, Hergüner is among Turkey’s leading law firms in terms of deals completed, and was instrumental in the evolution of the energy industry from its earliest days of liberalization in the early 1990s, representing various local and international companies.

In recent years, the firm has also acted as the legal counsel, either sole legal counsel or co-counsel, for a number of leading finance corporations in connection with their multibillion dollar-financing projects. Hergüner has also rendered legal advice in connection with a number of significant greenfield investments.

In renewable energy, we have been providing legal advice to major corporations and energy conglomerates since 2004 with the establishment of wind energy power plants in Bozcaada.  Since then, the renewable energy market has significantly grown in Turkey and Hergüner continued to represent select clients in landmark projects and top-of-the-line mergers and acquisitions with varying scopes, including review and negotiation of transaction documents and Energy Market Regulatory Board applications, as well as advising financial transactions unique to renewables such as carbon financing.

Hergüner’s services in the renewable energy sector are not limited to investors in the generation business or to the financiers, but turbine manufacturers as well.