The Strategic View - Corporate Restructuring 2016

1. What trends, in terms of activity levels, affected industries or investor focus, have you seen in the restructuring and insolvency market in your jurisdiction over the last 12 months?

The Plan states that a fundamental objective of transforming the manufacturing industry is to increase the share of high-technology sectors in production and exports. The Plan lists several policies for investment and development in the above listed markets:

·         The use of public infrastructure investments as a support mechanism for promoting strategic investments involving critical technologies.

·         The use of public procurements as an efficient instrument for improving the innovation and green production capacity of domestic firms.

·         The focus on the synergy between urban transformation processes and the transformation of the manufacturing industry; the improvement of production and export capacity in smart buildings, construction materials, public transportation vehicles, and signalisation systems.

·         The efficient use of country credit and guarantee programmes for increasing the export of capital goods and high-technology products.


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This article appeared in the 2016 edition of The Strategic View: Corporate Restructuring published by Global Legal Group Ltd, London.