The Mining Law Review 5th Edition - Turkey Mining


With its natural resources and active business environment, the Turkish mining sector
is increasingly attractive to investors. The Turkish government has acknowledged the
increasing foreign and local interest in the sector by enacting certain amendments to
the existing legislation, and has provided governmental incentives since 2012 (as further
detailed below). As is the case for most sectors in Turkey, the government welcomes
foreign investment in the mining sector. With the aid of the recent amendments in the
legislation and governmental incentives, the mining industry is expected to prosper in


The principal regulatory body that governs the mining sector is the General Directorate
of Mining Affairs (GDMA), a unit of the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural
Resources (the Ministry). The GDMA regulates mining activities, and issues relevant
mining licences and permits for different areas of mining activities; however, as per
the circular of the Prime Ministry dated 16 June 2012 and numbered 2012/15, the
issuance of mining licences is subject to approval of the Prime Ministry.



The Mining Law Review
Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd.
This article was first published in The Mining Law Review - Edition 5
(published in 2016 – editor Erik Richer La Flèche)
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