The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Oil & Gas Regulation 2015

1 Overview of Natural Gas Sector

1.1 A brief outline of Turkey’s natural gas sector, including a general description of: natural gas reserves; natural gas production including the extent to which production is associated or non-associated natural gas; import and export of natural gas, including liquefied natural gas
(LNG) liquefaction and export facilities, and/or receiving and re-gasification facilities (“LNG facilities”); natural gas pipeline transportation and distribution/transmission network; natural gas storage; and commodity sales and trading.

Turkey has long held a strategic role in the natural gas map of the world. Relying on its key geographical status, market players, be it State or private entities, have been recognising Turkey as a regional energy hub. 

As of 2013, Turkish natural gas reserves were estimated at 6.2 billion m3, which at the prevailing production rates is likely to meet 10 years’ national demand ( 2013-YILI-HAM-PETROL-VE-DOGAL-GAZ-SEKTORRAPORU. pdf, pg. 29).     The last decade has witnessed a significant rise (almost three times the 2002 figures) in natural gas consumption.


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This article appeared in the 2015 edition of The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Oil and Gas Regulation 2015 published by Global Legal Group Ltd, London.