New Role of Private Employment Agencies for Temporary Work

Employment & Benefits, Turkey


Private employment agencies

Private employment agencies only officially entered the market in late 2003. Before this date, they did exist but as consultancy organisations with limited activities.
In 2003 the Labor Law (4857) acknowledged private employment agencies as a privatesector alternative to ISKUR, the public employment agency, and granted them the authority to: act as an intermediary in providing employees with jobs suitable to their qualifications; and assist employers in finding employees qualified for different kinds of work. Private employment agencies can act as alternatives to ISKUR by obtaining a licence from the Ministry of Labour.
Most major corporate employers in Turkey prefer private employment agencies, but the state has not granted the same support and privileges to them as to ISKUR. In particular, midsized employers struggle to benefit from their recruitment services efficiently. However, private employment agencies are undeniably more flexible at providing business solutions.

Temporary employment

The May 2016 amendments to the Labour Law regarding temporary employment will open up an additional business line for private employment agencies.

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First published by ILO (Employment and Benefits Newsletter) July 2016