Modifications planned to labour law proceedings


Turkey has approximately 10 million registered employees and a robust, labourfriendly
body of law. Against
this backdrop, employment relationships frequently end with a lawsuit against the former employer. This
results in large caseloads for the labour courts. Employee representatives, academics, legal professionals,
sociologists and politicians have discussed many alternatives to litigation in order to minimise the volume of
these disputes and speed up the dispute resolution process. Recent discussions have centred on three potential

Mandatory mediation

The principle of mandatory mediation was introduced in 2012 for several categories of civil law dispute. The
legislative and judicial authorities are trying to encourage the use of mediation in employment disputes due to
the large burden on the labour courts. According to the planned amendments, employees will be required to
apply for official mediation before initiating a lawsuit for claims involving:



First published by ILO (Employment and Benefits Newsletter) January 2016