Mediation for employment related disputes


The Law on Mediation for Civil Disputes (6325) and the Law on Mediation for Civil Disputes (28540) came into force on June 22 2013. This legislation established a more comprehensive framework for mediation in employment disputes than the mediation processes used in collective labour agreements under the Collective Labour Agreement, Strike and LockOut Law.
Mediation cannot be used for all civil disputes and is limited to disputes that arise between the parties from transactions performed of their own free will. Cases in which the parties have no authority to act on their own free will cannot be resolved through mediation – for example: criminal cases; administrative cases; civil registry cases;
parental or custody cases; anddomestic violence cases.


Labour law disputes can be settled through mediation, including disputes relating to: severance and notice payments; education expenditure; penalty clauses; overtime; and all other matters between employees and employers.

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First published by ILO (Employment and Benefits Newsletter) September 2015