Lending and taking security in Turkey: overview


1. What have been the main trends and important developments in the lending market in your jurisdiction in the last 12 months?

The main trends and important developments in the lending market in Turkey in the last 12 months are as follows:

• Measures and macro-prudential policies have been adopted by the government and the Turkish Central Bank to minimise the impact of the volatility and ambiguity of international markets regarding the Turkish economy.

• The amount of the transactions that have been financed in the last 12 months (mostly within the infrastructure sector) and the ticket sizes of Turkish banks have increased due to a lack of interest from multilateral institutions and/or overseas financial institutions.

• There is a strong attempt to solve "bankability" issues for the financing of public-private partnerships (PPP) projects within the healthcare sector.

• The refinancing demands of the hydroelectric power plants that were financed three to four years ago have increased due to the lack of water and seasonal variations.


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