Legal Environment Report of the "Belt and Road" Countries

III. Trade

Turkey has been a member of World Trade Organisation (WTO) since March 26, 1995 and has been a party to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) since October 17, 1951. Turkey also joined the European Customs Union on January 1, 1996 with the long-term goal of joining the European Union. Turkey is also a party to Free trade agreements and supranational partnerships, positioning itself to become a permanent global leader through liberalization and lowering trade barriers.  Turkey further aims to reduce bureaucratic procedures and better secure supplies of raw materials and intermediary goods at suitable prices with quality standards.

A. Department supervising trade

Trade is administrated and planned by the Council of Ministers as a matter of national economic policy, and it issues annual decrees in accordance with Turkey’s international commitments to reduce protectionist measures in conformity with GATT rules, while also utilizing the tools and remedies for protection of domestic production markets. The Council of Ministers is empowered and authorized to make decisions and regulations under Law No. 2976 on the Regulation of Foreign Trade...

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First published by ACLA ( All China Lawyers Association), Legal Environment Report of The "Belt and Road" Countries - Turkey chapter, April 2017.