Energy: Oil & Gas, Turkey - Trends & Developments

Turkish Dependence on Natural Gas

Currently, natural gas produces the greatest amount of electricity in Turkey. In 2013, natural gas accounted for 43.8% of Turkey’s total electricity generation of 240,154 GWh, followed by 26.6% for coal and 24.7% for hydro. Unfortunately, Turkey’s natural gas resources and production have not come close to meeting its needs; imports account for 98.7% of Turkey’s natural gas consumption. As for source countries, Russia accounted for 56% of natural gas imports in 2014, followed by Iran with 19%, Azerbaijan with 9% and Algeria with 9%.
The Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (the “MENR”) has identified Turkey’s dependence on natural gas for electricity generation as a serious risk, and advocates the need to decrease the share of natural gas as a resource for electricity generation.The MENR aims to decrease the dependency on Russian natural gas to 50% at most until 2019. These related goals are part of the broader Strategic Plan for 2015-19, in which the MENR seriously discussed the concept of energy security for the first time. This goal is indeed being realised in the promotion of alternative sources of electricity generation, specifically nuclear energy and solar and wind power.



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