Corporate M&A Turkey

1. Trends

1.1 M&A Market

Despite the political and social tension that surfaced with the Gezi Park demonstrations in June
2013, a reasonable level of M&A activity was maintained, thanks to the relatively strong and stable
position of Turkey during the course of the economic meltdown throughout the eurozone.
Political uncertainty presented by the municipal elections held in March 2014 and presidential elections
due to take place in August 2014 led some investors to become more hesitant compared to
the previous year, especially in infrastructure and privatisation projects. Nevertheless, there has been
substantial activity, both in terms of the number of M&A deals closed and with respect to the overall
value of M&A deals. Privatisations and growing private equity activity in Turkey sustained its
M&A activities in 2013, attracting the interest of both local and foreign investors. A signifi cant number
of the deals in the market were privatisations (including the last remaining regional distributors of electricity).



First published by Chambers and Partners, Global Practice Guides, Corporate M&A Turkey, 2015.